Indie Movie Mastery!

Indie Movie Mastery!


Are you an aspiring filmmaker? Have you been wanting to make your own indie film – but you’re not sure how to get started?

I’m delighted to report that I’ve started working with Indie Movie Mastery, an online course that will teach you to do just that. The course was created by experienced Hollywood producer and lovely person Jenna Edwards (whom I’ll be interviewing on this blog in the near future). Jenna describes the course as “the online film producing school for filmmakers who aren’t waiting for someone else to green-light their projects, but instead are green-lighting their dreams, themselves.

This. Is. Really. Important. Unless you are just incredibly lucky, no one is going to make your career happen except you. You hold the reins. So what are you waiting for, already? 🙂

You can get your first taste of the course with our 5-day challenge, “The Passion in the Pitch.” Sign up at the link!



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