#CreateYourOwnWork: 5 Questions with Rosalie Muller-Boiral

#CreateYourOwnWork: 5 Questions with Rosalie Muller-Boiral

As previously mentioned, this blog is going to be full of people creating their own work. On that note, I’m happy to introduce my first #CreateYourOwnWork interviewee, French-American actress and multi-hat-wearer Rosalie Muller-Boiral!

Rosalie took some time out to discuss the triumphs and challenges of being at the helm of one’s own projects, and why persistence is key.

Kyle Hunt
Rosalie Muller-Boiral
Who are you, and what do you do? 
I am a French-American actress, (published) author, screenwriter and filmmaker currently based in New York City. I’m also a hostess, a French tutor and a video editor.
#CreateYourOwnWork: what does that mean for you?
#CreateYourOwnWork means for me that I can tell my stories the way I want to tell them. From writing a great script, hiring a professional and talented crew, casting the right actors, choosing the perfect location(s), to editing the footage the way I want the story to be told. Being able to create my own work is a freedom, but it’s also scary. Some people will like my stories, others won’t. But, at the end of the day, if I feel accomplished, it’s the best feeling ever!
Feelings Short Film
Still from Rosalie’s short film, “Feelings”
What have you gained by creating your own work; on the flip side, what challenges have you faced?
By creating my own work, I have gained more confidence as as writer and as an actress. On the flip side, being the writer, producer, casting director, lead actor, and co-director of my own projects has sometimes been very overwhelming and challenging. Choosing the right team to work with is as important as writing a great story!
Girlfriends Short Film
From Rosalie’s short film, “Girlfriends”
What do you think is the most important skill for a creator building his/her career from scratch?
In my opinion, the most important skill for a creator building his/her career from scratch is persistence. If you’re passionate and talented, you will, eventually, build a career. But you also need luck and good timing, so persistence is very helpful!
Guilt Web-Series
On set for Rosalie’s webseries, “Guilt”
What project are you proudest of?
I’m proudest of my crime web series because it was the first project I wrote and starred in. I was the only producer and I did everything on my own with no experience. Looking back, there are many things that I would do differently but I have no regrets. I learned a lot from my mistakes.
The sixth “question”: Plugs, please!
I’m currently looking for producers/network executives who would be interested in buying my crime series’ story and my feature film screenplay (fantasy/romance/thriller). I’m also producing my third short film and writing my fourth novel.

Here’s my website with all my info: www.rosaliemuller-boiral.com

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