#CreateYourOwnWork: 5 Questions With Bodine Boling

#CreateYourOwnWork: 5 Questions With Bodine Boling

Today, continuing our trend of speaking with multitalented filmmakers, we interview Bodine Boling: producer, writer, actress, VO artist and more. Bodine’s feature film, the time-traveling tale Movement and Location, was entirely self-produced and written; you can learn more about it here.


unspecified-4.jpegBodine Boling (photo ©Alexis Boling)
1. Who are you, and what do you do?
My name is Bodine Boling. I’m a writer, filmmaker and voiceover artist living in Brooklyn. I made one feature, aim to make another within the year, and I’m close on draft two of a novel.
On set for Movement and Location
2. #CreateYourOwnWork: What does that mean for you?
It means not waiting. It means I only work on things that matter to me, since it’s too flipping hard to make a thing without passion. It means learning all the time.


Bodine in a still from Movement and Location
3. What have you gained by creating your own work; on the flip side, what challenges have you faced?
Control is the best thing about creating work. When you bring the ball, you get to play. A major challenge is having to front so much of the energy and effort, rather than buffering the trouble with money or letting someone with more experience take over on the hard parts.
4. What do you think is the most important skill for a creator building his/her career from scratch?
Resiliency. You have to keep working until something is done, not until you’re tired of it. You have to bounce back from rejection. The best advice on breaking in came from Steve Martin: “Be so good they can’t ignore you.”
Photo ©Lauren Sowa
5. Which project of yours are you proudest of?
I wrote, produced, starred in and edited a science fiction feature called MOVEMENT AND LOCATION. I can’t believe I survived the experience, and there’s a lot I’d change if I had to do it over, but I also can’t imagine feeling prouder of anything.
Movement on Location is viewable on Amazon, iTunes and other platforms.
You can follow Bodine on Twitter here.

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