MusicBed: “How to Be Inspired (Without Being a Thief)”

MusicBed: “How to Be Inspired (Without Being a Thief)”

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“Everything came from something else. Each one of us is the accumulation and culmination of everything we’ve ever seen. Embrace it. Stop worrying about being original. You just have to be authentic.” As usual, this article from MusicBed’s blog is an excellent read.

As my dad used to say, “no idea is original.” Which sounds disappointing, but I don’t think it is, actually. I think the question is, how do you put across that idea? It’s all in the execution.

Oh, and perhaps the most fundamental takeaway from this article: DON’T PLAGIARIZE.


#CreateYourOwnWork: 5 Questions with Rosalie Muller-Boiral

#CreateYourOwnWork: 5 Questions with Rosalie Muller-Boiral

As previously mentioned, this blog is going to be full of people creating their own work. On that note, I’m happy to introduce my first #CreateYourOwnWork interviewee, French-American actress and multi-hat-wearer Rosalie Muller-Boiral!

Rosalie took some time out to discuss the triumphs and challenges of being at the helm of one’s own projects, and why persistence is key.

Kyle Hunt
Rosalie Muller-Boiral
Who are you, and what do you do? 
I am a French-American actress, (published) author, screenwriter and filmmaker currently based in New York City. I’m also a hostess, a French tutor and a video editor.
#CreateYourOwnWork: what does that mean for you?
#CreateYourOwnWork means for me that I can tell my stories the way I want to tell them. From writing a great script, hiring a professional and talented crew, casting the right actors, choosing the perfect location(s), to editing the footage the way I want the story to be told. Being able to create my own work is a freedom, but it’s also scary. Some people will like my stories, others won’t. But, at the end of the day, if I feel accomplished, it’s the best feeling ever!
Feelings Short Film
Still from Rosalie’s short film, “Feelings”
What have you gained by creating your own work; on the flip side, what challenges have you faced?
By creating my own work, I have gained more confidence as as writer and as an actress. On the flip side, being the writer, producer, casting director, lead actor, and co-director of my own projects has sometimes been very overwhelming and challenging. Choosing the right team to work with is as important as writing a great story!
Girlfriends Short Film
From Rosalie’s short film, “Girlfriends”
What do you think is the most important skill for a creator building his/her career from scratch?
In my opinion, the most important skill for a creator building his/her career from scratch is persistence. If you’re passionate and talented, you will, eventually, build a career. But you also need luck and good timing, so persistence is very helpful!
Guilt Web-Series
On set for Rosalie’s webseries, “Guilt”
What project are you proudest of?
I’m proudest of my crime web series because it was the first project I wrote and starred in. I was the only producer and I did everything on my own with no experience. Looking back, there are many things that I would do differently but I have no regrets. I learned a lot from my mistakes.
The sixth “question”: Plugs, please!
I’m currently looking for producers/network executives who would be interested in buying my crime series’ story and my feature film screenplay (fantasy/romance/thriller). I’m also producing my third short film and writing my fourth novel.

Here’s my website with all my info:
Indie Movie Mastery!

Indie Movie Mastery!


Are you an aspiring filmmaker? Have you been wanting to make your own indie film – but you’re not sure how to get started?

I’m delighted to report that I’ve started working with Indie Movie Mastery, an online course that will teach you to do just that. The course was created by experienced Hollywood producer and lovely person Jenna Edwards (whom I’ll be interviewing on this blog in the near future). Jenna describes the course as “the online film producing school for filmmakers who aren’t waiting for someone else to green-light their projects, but instead are green-lighting their dreams, themselves.

This. Is. Really. Important. Unless you are just incredibly lucky, no one is going to make your career happen except you. You hold the reins. So what are you waiting for, already? 🙂

You can get your first taste of the course with our 5-day challenge, “The Passion in the Pitch.” Sign up at the link!


People Creating Stuff: “Dad Turns His Sons’ Doodles into Anime Characters,”

People Creating Stuff: “Dad Turns His Sons’ Doodles into Anime Characters,”

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From the article:

Thomas Romain is a French anime artist who lives in Tokyo. He’s worked on various series including Space Dandy, Basquash!, and Aria, but his best ideas actually come from his sons. Working together in what he calls the Father And Sons Design Workshop, Thomas and his kids come up with all sorts of weird and wonderful characters. Well, his kids actually come up with them, and then Thomas adds his professional touch to turn them into everything from steampunk doctors and snake fighters to cloud dwellers and sand golems.

I knew this reminded me of something. It was the 1963 MAD Magazine cartoon about if kids designed their own toys.



Hi, I’m Nicola Rose, a performer, filmmaker, and wearer of many other assorted hats (see site header and bio). My latest project is the bilingual, balloon-intensive film Creative Block (Bloc et Blocage), filmed on location in both NYC and Paris. Before that I produced a comic webseries called Callie & Izzy, about a girl with an evil puppet growing out of her hand (it could happen to you). I’m also a puppeteer, a writer, a translator for Disney… as I said, many hats.

I’ll be writing here as time allows, about my projects, others’ projects, art I like, places I go and whatever else needs talking about. I also plan to interview people who create their own work. Stay tuned!